Weekend DIY Project – Build a Small Chicken Coop

Whether you have a large flock of chickens or plan to keep only a few birds, it is always best to build them a chicken house. Even if you decide to keep only a few birds, you will still have to build a small chicken coop. The coop will provide shelter to your birds and keep them safe from predators. Building a small chicken house can be a do-it-yourself project for the weekend.

Chickens need 3-5 square feet of space each. If they get too crowded, they could easily get sick. Determine how big your chicken house should be, based on the number of birds you are going to raise. Decide on the design of your coop and make a drawing of the plan. You can also look for a simple chicken coop design on the internet.

Go over the plan and make sure it is easy enough to follow and has all the necessary elements that a chicken pen should have. Even if you are only planning to build a small chicken coop, there are essential elements that must be present.

Make sure your chicken house design includes a nesting area with boxes. Four to five birds can share one box. Provide a roosting pole where the birds can perch while they sleep. You should be able to clean out the coop easily, and it should also be easy to collect the eggs.

Assemble all the materials you need to make the chicken coop before you start building. Visit secondhand shops and see if they have materials that you can use for your coop. Make sure your materials are sturdy enough to keep predators out.

Don’t forget to have all the tools you will need to build the chicken pen at hand. By having all your materials and tools ready, you will be able to finish your work quickly. A small chicken coop is something you can build over the weekend and is a very cheap alternative to buying a pre-made hen house.

Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Bespoke Furniture

Furniture isn’t a cheap purchase, and whether it is one room or the entire home that needs filling, you can easily find high quality furniture that will meet all of your expectations while also saving a bit in the process. How can you find the best bespoke furniture?

First, search the web for reviews. You can find reviews for most any type of furniture you could think of, from all of the top brands. Using reviews can give you a great perspective of a piece of furniture before you spend your money. No matter your budget, ensure that you are shopping with a trustworthy company.
When shopping with a trustworthy company you can count on getting high quality furniture that meets your price range. Again, reviews are a great way to find a reputable company. Consider shopping on the web as well. Many times furniture can easily be found on the web, and you are always assured a larger selection than what can be found sitting inside of local furniture stores. And, the costs may be less when using the web to find your furniture. You can shop online any time that you like, and might even prefer doing a bit of online browsing and shopping as well as a bit in store as well.

Do not settle for less. It is your home, and having furniture that you like, that meets your style, will ensure a happy home is made. Even if it takes a bit of extra time and searching, don’t stop until you are satisfied, even thrilled, with the furniture you are getting. This is a true statement regardless of the room or rooms you are buying for.

If you are on a tight budget, compare costs before you buy. This is great even for those who are not, however essential for those who are. This is a free service most easily completed on the web. It will take you only a few short minutes to compare prices, and doing so could result in taking home savings of as much as 50%!

Finding bespoke furniture is an important decision when wasting your earnings is a no-no. You want stylish furniture made to last that looks great inside of your home. Take these tips with you when shopping and great furniture that you love will always be yours. You might even save a little bit while you are at it!

Decorating And Contemporary Furniture For A New Home

It is important to get some basics that will last and are needed, a good sofa, armchairs, a dinning table, chairs and a good and comfortable bed. But there are plenty of more to have to make an interior look perfect. But do not rush, an ideal and cosy home should be built slowly in the same way we build our lives. It is a process that require time and different views on making choices and decisions. A quirky piece of furniture that is the latest trend on every magazine it is the must have of today but do we really think it will become a timeless piece for us to treasure? It will surely tire us after a while. To me the perfect home is that which is a reflection of a journey, our life.

When choosing furniture and making a wonderful home this is my advice:

– Go for quality well made pieces, the important is to select furniture which will become, after time timeless, classics on their own. It does not matter you go for a classic style or modern, timeless applies for both, like the word contemporary. Contemporary might well be used for modern furniture but also for classic.

– Do not rush on your decisions, visit furniture showrooms, internet stores, magazines, blogs,… Make a list of possible options and go through it several times in different days. What today might seem the perfect choice, in a couple of days it is not.

– When buying furniture it is also very important to know the space possibilities of your home. Dimensions need to come first.

– This also applies to the access of each place. Some furniture pieces won’t get to your flat if corridors, doors and windows are too narrow.

– Auction places, second hand websites and antique markets are perfect places to find unique pieces at affordable prices. And do not be afraid of mixing. In fact ‘mixing’ is what makes a home interesting with that personal touch that we all aim for.

– To conclude, do not rush with it as if everything has to be ready at the same time. If you want that to happen you will find it exhausting and stressful and eventually you will hate it. Let things go with the flow and slowly your place will take another dimension.

Home Interior Design That Suits Your Personality

A house becomes indescribable when it litterally takes your breath away once you enter. It is when you feel that the house in itself exudes character and a statement all its own. Of course, it should be designed in a classical manner that befits its size and grandeur.

A beautiful and well-interiored home is never too harsh or dark. Nor doe it use too many elements of design and it refrains from using things too ordinary or common. It has high ceilings, an atrium and bay windows. Its design is always exaggerated to be noticed.

It should tell a story of the history behind it. It should invoke a certain culture not intertwined with others. It also requires a focal point, something out of the ordinary like a metal armor, a collection of authentic antiques, an original painting or work of art of any known artists, a cultural heritage piece or a family heirloom.

Choice of flooring and window material also counts, as does a specially designed place in the house like a mini-spa, gazebo or relaxation room.

In fact, anybody can make a truly indescribable house just by being creative and utilizing some home interior design options that compliments your distinctive taste and personality. All it requires is the actual application of a palette of colors that is a feast to the eyes.

Just remember: What other people perceive of you is what characterizes you the most. It’s basically self-explanatory, no need to delve into it much further, right?

Here are 5 major categories of individual personalities for a home interior design. It’s up to you on how you view yourself to be.

1. Gorgeous dresser model – If you say that you’re a sleek dresser, then your color choices should reflect that. In the same manner colors can be combined or used as the color scheme for your wall painting and even accessories or decorative accents in your house.

2. Sleek businessperson – This category requires you to have a neat, refined and straight look. This should also apply in the design of your home which should be clutter-free with a streamlined architectural approach using more of the monochromatic or earth colors bordering on the brown, black, gray and white.

3. Conservative philanthropist individual – You favor simple, clean and refined look. This goes for your home design which showcases plain and simple lines. Although this is favorable, you can add more color accents and invest in decorative ornaments of your choice.

4. Confident speaker/ salesperson – Being a sales manager, you feel confident and at ease with talking to people from all walks of life. It’s part of your orientation so it’s part of your personal life too. You go for the vibrant, energetic colors that uplift your mood. Affinity with classic lines combined with sleek, trendy touches of colors or interior accents suits you best.

5. Sporty, go-getter executive – This character goes for the rugged and “spur of the moment” design concept. Albeit, her artistic tendencies show off once in awhile. You will want to mix and match interiors.

If your character does not fall in to any of the above mentioned, it’s safe for you to choose which item goes for you – it can be a combination of any two categories or all of it. Suit yourself!

Tapestry Wall Hangings Add Grandeur To Your Rooms

Like many other types of home décor, wall tapestries were largely overlooked for a period of time. However, they are becoming more popular yet again as people realize how these finely woven pieces of art may add personality and a feeling of grandeur to their homes. The way these tapestry wall hangings use the different types of thread, provide it with a three-dimensional appearance and will give a more classic, rich look to the room compared with your typical painting or photograph. Tapestries were historically used to primarily tell a story and to cover up unsightly walls. Tapestries that depict a story may still be bought, even though the more modern ones incorporate some kind of tranquil landscape as well as other attention grabbing scenery. In case you have wanted to add to the visual diversity of the artwork in your home, decorating with tapestries is a great technique of doing so. Here’s how to get started.

First, it is recommended to carefully analyze the space that you want to decorate and determine what colors and themes you want to have in that room. This helps guide you in your search for the ideal tapestry wall hanging that will complement the room. But, make sure you pick colors or a theme that’ll flow along with the rest of your home so you don’t accidentally pick something that will not compliment the remainder of the rooms. A great way to ensure harmony with the colors in your house is to take paint and fabric swatches with you whenever you pick out your tapestries if at all possible.

Second, instead of buying the first wall tapestry you come across, try to look for at least two or three that you like. You can then lay them down side by side and figure out which styles and colors you like above the others. You may even want to check with the art or department store and find out if you’re able to purchase a couple of wall tapestry so that you can bring them home and choose which one looks best in the space you’ve designated for it. You will then be ready to return the others once you have made your choice on which tapestry will meet your needs.

Another tip to consider would be to have the wall tapestry as the main center of attention in the room. For you to successfully achieve the dramatic look that you would like, choose one wall in your room to be a focal wall. One great way to do this is to paint that focal wall a darker, contrasting color from the entire room and hang the wall tapestry in the center of that wall. You may choose to leave the wall blank besides the tapestry or you could frame the tapestry on both sides with some kind of simple wall decoration or sconces that won’t take any beauty away from the tapestry.

Lastly, be sure you hang the wall tapestry correctly based on its age and condition. While many wall tapestries are attached with sturdy and decorative rods, a number of them can be quite fragile if they are old. If you have an older wall tapestry, you may want to consider having it framed for it to be properly preserved and is enjoyed for several more years. Hanging an old tapestry in a frame can even protect it from the damaging effects of light and air.

No matter where or the method that you decide to hang your wall tapestry, it will inevitably provide beauty to your home and will be admired by any who visit.